Sabbath Strings

Praise and Worship


Sabbath Strings is a result of the fellowship from music lovers in different Seventh-Day Adventist Churches in Central Florida.
Since most of our performances are done on Saturday (Sabbath) we decided to call ourselves “Sabbath Strings”.
Our objective as a group is to create and perform religious music, in an acoustic fashion, for worship, ceremonial or church related events.  We work in many genres from  praise to classical to traditional hymns.

Our Musicians

Lianna Rivera – Cello

Cheryl Peasley – Violin
Eliezer Calvo- Violin


Julian Leighvard – Viola

Cameron Houmann – Cello
Frankie Collazo – Double Bass

                Jaelah Simons – Violin

                Sara Rivera – Cello

Etty Martínez – Soprano
Lydia Capote-Roque – Alto
  Roy Brown – Tenor

Marissa Rosado – Messo-Soprano

Sabdiasep Rosado – Music Director


   Manuel Baez – Percussion